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Kurt Henry

    If it weren't for Hoosier Metal Recycling on the north end of Ft Wayne Indiana, nearly 10 million empty cans, copper wire, worn out washing machines, old grills and anything else you can think of made of metal might be littering the fields and streets of Indiana

    The recycling facility and warehouse located at 2222 West Coliseum Boulevard processes over 800,000 tons of metal each year which isn't an easy process. All scrap must be processed (dismantled or shredded) for the recycling process then separated into the proper storage area and then sorted into different bins by the Hoosier Metal Recycling 15 employees.

    Recycling metal provides a living for many of the Hoosier Metal customers.

    Hoosier Metal opened in the year 2000, handling non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass and aluminum. In 2003, it began accepting ferrous metals (iron). The company receives metal from people off the street and from many large industrial accounts. Each account has large roll off receptacles. Currently there are 150 industrial sites within a 60-mile radius of Fort Wayne Indiana using the services of Hoosier Metal. Each manufacturing facility produces scrap metals of all type which is melted down and turned into new fresh products.

Truly a Green Process.

    Hoosier Metal processes back into circulation well over 1 million dollars worth of scrap metal every month. And Kurt Henry owner of Hoosier Metal believes in sharing with his community. The company supports Little League baseball many local and worldwide churches and other charitable causes.

    " I am proud that we provide this environmental service," Kurt says. "I like being in this business for that reason. You'd be surprised how much scrap would be left in vacant areas if we didn't recycle them, plus providing a living for many families in the State of Indiana."

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